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I am a mom of 1, Austin (9), 2 Yorkies, Bella & Izzy :) I am a stay at home wife and mom and a work part time at a daycare and grooming salon. I also have a coupon site http://haydencouponmom.blogspot.com/ which is all about saving money with coupons! Our Yorkies are a part of our family. We don't have them just to breed, we have them because we love them and we have chosen to breed them to share with others. I must say out of all the different breed dogs to come into our family through the years, my Yorkies are my favorite. They have the BEST personality, they are non-shed and are hypoallergenic.
 This is one fluffy friend that seems unaware of its small size. This dog is usually very enthusiastic for adventure whether this be exploring a new walking path or accompanying you to run an errand. He has wonderful quirks and traits. This breed is also very energetic, brave (due to its ancestry which called for courage), loyal and can be quite clever. Therefore, when one is looking for a loving, happy friend, this is the breed!
Known to be very affectionate with its human family members, they love to give and receive attention. This loyalty also shows when strangers come around, as they will want to protect their family and can be a great watch dog inside of a little body. This protection instinct can become a behavioral issue if the dog is not shown very clearly whom is the master and whom is the caninefamily member. Easy to train with if proper training procedures are followed, great with children if youngsters are shown how to properly play with this very tiny dog and filled with personality, the Yorkshire Terrier has found its way into millions of homes. This breed is among the 10 most popular dogs in the entire world. In the United States and Canada, this breed usually stays in the top 14 most popular dogs, the number of registered dogs varies any where between 40,000 and 50,000 in the US each year.
When you decide to purchase one of my babies, they have been given there wormings, shots, tail docking, dew claws removed and checked for genetic issues by my personal vet, no home done jobs, they are not kennel raised, they are raised in my home and treated with all love and affection to make for great personalities, they have been started on puppy pad training since 2 weeks of age, they are CKC registered, they will come home with their color coded ribbon, puppy kit, papers, vet records, and a zip lock bag of their Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy Food, they also come with a Health Guarantee.  See the Photo Album for pictures of their parents :)
I know you will fall in love with them like we have!
Yorkies By April